RESULTS: SmackDown 06/20/17
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RESULTS: SmackDown 06/20/17

Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper

In a contest that had a little bit of everything, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal took on Luke Harper in a wild main event on SmackDown LIVE. Looking to claim one of the biggest victories of his career, Harper brought everything in his arsenal against Mahal. Midway through the match, The Modern-Day Maharaja had more than just the contest to worry about, as Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin arrived and lurked around ringside for few moments. The Lone Wolf seemingly considered cashing in, only to exit with a sly smile on his face.

Following the potential anarchy of a Corbin cash-in, Mahal was able to focus and defeat Harper with The Khallas. However, the evening wasn’t quite over for Mahal, as Randy Orton then meticulously attacked both The Singh Brothers and Mahal, hammering away at the WWE Champion and delivering a devastating DDT to the WWE Champion on the outside. The Singh Brothers then attacked The Apex Predator, allowing Mahal to get out of dodge, but the duo paid for their troubles when they each ate RKOs outta nowhere.

The message was clear — The Viper is coming for The Modern-Day Maharaja.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

RESULTS: Backlash 05/21/17
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RESULTS: Backlash 05/21/17

Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper

Though he demanded a match to exact more punishment on Luke Harper, it was Erick Rowan who felt the fury of his former Wyatt Family brother at WWE Backlash.

Going right after Harper, Rowan sent his foe crashing from the top rope into the steel ring steps, then whipped him hard into the ringside barricades. The Superstar with the unsettling collection of masks exerted his will on Harper, wearing the big man down. Rowan tried to dish out the ultimate punishment with a top-rope splash, but Harper moved out of the way, sending his former partner crashing onto the mat.

Rowan looked to be drawing inspiration from his creepy mask, but Harper cut his musing short, wiping Rowan out at ringside with a daredevil dive that turned the tide of the bout. Rowan planted his adversary into the canvas with a monstrous powerbomb, but every time he kept going back to his mask, Harper was ready to send him reeling back to it with a thunderous superkick. After a discus clothesline that nearly took Rowan’s head off, Harper got the three count, seemingly putting an end to this brutal family rivalry.

Winner: Luke Harper

New Photos Added to the Gallery
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New Photos Added to the Gallery

I’ve added new photos to our gallery. Check them out below.

Luke attended a signing in València, Spain.

Also, photos from WWE Live in Birmingham, England have been added.